HESCO’s 3810 armor plates are part of the company’s flagship 800 personal armor protection series. All 3810 plates offer superior performance and exceptional protection. Designed to work in volatile and fast-moving environments, they ensure seamless mobility even in extremely tough operational environments. These plates combine light weight and comfort with the very best possible protection against all kinds of threats in a hostile environment. 

3810 plates are made from scratch with next-generation materials and they offer absolutely cutting-edge personal armor plate technology. Apart from offering the highest-level protection in their class, these 800 series armor plates are far lighter than just about all other NJI level III+ personal armor plates. 

All 3810 plates come with a highly durable and water-resistant finish. Just like their other counterparts in the 800 series – the 3810 plates also deliver unmatched performance in the field. 

  • Why Choose HESCO’s 800 Series Armor Plates?

The 800 Series is widely reputed to be the very best body armor plating system around. Unlike many other level III+ plates, this series is light enough to be worn for an extended period without causing fatigue or impairing mobility. It has been constructed from a revolutionary composite fabric known as SPECTRA. Various tests have confirmed that this fabric is almost fifteen times stronger than steel. It offers vastly superior protection against even severe ballistic threats while allowing rapid movement on the battlefield.  

All 3810 plates undergo testing to determine their stab, projectile, and shrapnel resistance and are rigorously checked to ensure they meet and even exceed NJI’s most stringent standards.  

  • Top Features of the HESCO 3810 Level III+ Body Armor Plate
  • Very lightweight: 3.9 lb. /1.8 kgs.
  • It has been built with next-gen SPECTRA technology and materials
  • Extra comfortable for long-term use because of its multi-curve design
  • Available in military-style SAPI and LEA Shooter pattern styles. 
  • Water-resistant Polyurethane finished with durable Cordura fabric
  • Built as per extremely stringent standards at HESCO’s in-house facility at Aberdeen 
  • Proudly made in the USA by highly experienced engineers and technicians 

HESCO’s personal body armor products have been regularly used by the military for many years. These plates have proved their worth many times on battlefields all over the world. 

Now you too can also rely on HESCO 3810 personal armor plates and wear them with total confidence, even in some of the most hostile environments on the planet. 


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