There is no doubt that we live in a pretty dangerous world. Threats are proliferating at a very rapid rate, and we need to prepare accordingly. Our life and liberty can be in danger at any moment. Therefore, those of us who go out in harm’s way should always have maximum protection to increase the chances of surviving an encounter where lethal force has to be used. This is precisely why we have to take threat assessment and subsequent prevention very seriously, to say the least. 

When law enforcement officers, soldiers, and security guards engage hostile elements trying to cause them bodily harm, it makes sense to be equipped well enough to survive the encounter. 

Here, the continuous evolution of firearms, explosives, and edged weapon technologies has led to very high levels of lethality. Moreover, the rapid spread of high-velocity rifles and other firearms has ensured that combat zones are more dangerous than ever before. From beat officers to SWAT teams to military personnel—everyone can, and indeed should use personal body armor plate protection for better security.

HESCO 3810: Ideal Protection for Every Operator 

HESCO’s 3810 ballistic inserts offer innumerable advantages when compared to other competing products. They have been expressly designed for exceptional performance. They will serve you well even if you operate in some of the deadliest battlefields and dangerous environments anywhere in the world. These body armor plates are ideal for any scenario that demands flexibility, maneuverability, and extensive protection.

The impact-resistant 800 series plates have been methodically precision-engineered with state-of-the-art materials to create the ideal ratio between weight and protective properties. In other words, you can rest assured their low weight doesn’t mean you have to compromise on their protective properties. 

It is very simple, really. HESCO’s 3810 series is amongst the highest-quality ballistic inserts available in its class. The good people at HESCO coat every plate with a tough, water-resistant coating. Moreover, before shipment, every HESCO plate is extensively tested and then wrapped in a finish that is as durable as it is comfortable. The final package effectively ensures unsurpassed quality with regard to overall feel, comfort, and performance. 

All the products in HESCO’s top-of-the-line 800 series are manufactured with the revolutionary ‘SPECTRA’ composite fabric. It is not just incredibly light but around fifteen times denser and stronger compared to steel, effectively ensuring you don’t feel fatigued after wearing these life-saving plates for long duty periods. 

These next-gen, lightweight body armor plates will allow you to remain fully mobile while being highly effective. You can rely on your 3810 inserts to protect you against the most high-velocity mil-spec rounds.  

The Hesco 3810 series of body plates have been meticulously created for only one purpose—saving lives. You can always rest assured that when you don your HESCO body plate, you are protected by the very best. In fact, the very same ballistic inserts used by our armed forces today!


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