A weapon-mounted light or even a handheld light can mean the critical difference between friend and foe. This holds particularly true in a home invasion situation. In such a scenario, the very last thing you want to do is make a mistake between a home invader and a family member!

However, it is pertinent to note that not all lights are created equal. Sure, you can place a regular torch next to your trusty home defense weapon on the bed stand, but would it get the job done when the chips are down and lives are on the line?

What if it gives up the ghost at the wrong moment, or the light isn’t enough for positive identification? The crucial moments needed to make a positive ID can lead to disastrous consequences. Suppose you have to investigate a suspicious noise in the rain. Would your torch be equal to the task, or would it stop working in the downpour?

Add to that the viability of a dedicated weapon-mounted light (WML). Such ‘tactical’ torches are a dime a dozen—and are just about as reliable. After all, not every torch can handle the massive recoil of a shoulder-fired weapon such as a 12-gauge pump or big bore centerfire rifle. If your WML ceases to function just when you need it the most, you would be better off without a WML to begin with! 

Enter the Modlite: One of the Best Tactical Lights Out There!

Modlite lighting solutions are not just simple torches but a complete ecosystem. From handhelds to WMLs to batteries and chargers—Modlite does it all. 

This way, you can be assured of the quality of your tactical light and its each and every accessory. You need not fear your light blowing up because of faulty batteries or the LED not performing up to specs. Rest assured, your Modlite has been created from the ground up to ensure unmatched performance—at home and in the field. The Modlite range consists of mounts, chargers, switches, batteries, light heads, and bodies as well as replacement parts for both their own products and other WML brands. 

These WMLs and handheld torches work in two different ways. Firstly, they are powerful enough to help identify your target. At the same time, they can also simultaneously disorient them, so they won’t be a threat until you have assessed and neutralized the situation. 

These tactical lights are available in many different configurations for a variety of purposes. Do you need a small compact light for your EDC pistol? Modlite has you covered. Need a light for your primary shoulder fire home-defense weapon? Check out their many products available in this category.  You can also purchase these highly reliable and dependable torches as part of your everyday carry routine or keep one at home in your ‘bug-out’ kit. Whatever your needs and requirements, Modlite has the perfect tactical light and accessory combination for you!


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