Armor Orders

We are a HESCO armor plate dealer.

We do have many plates in stock and ready to ship. 

Please contact us via email or telephone prior to initiating an armor sale. 

There are restrictions with regard to sales: convicted felon, export outside of the US, sales in CT, sales to criminal enterprises and those engaged in criminal activities, those under 18 years old, those who's background prohibits the possession, or sale or transfer of armor or firearms, those not US Citizens, those who's location prohibits the possession/sale/transfer of armor, Etc.

We require verification of identity, (CCW/CAC), and or a background check prior to the sale of armor products.  Documentation will be required prior to the sale of armor.

We strive to have a large inventory of armor plates in stock.  There are a number of items that we offer as a special order item, and will order at no additional cost. 

Please refer to our Armor Use Agreement for details.