We are a HESCO Armor Premium Distributor. As a distributor, we service other retailers and we strive to have a large inventory of armor plates in stock and ready to ship.  However, we are currently experiencing an extraordinary high volume of orders and we ask for your patience as we strive to fill orders.

HESCO Armor products are made to order by HESCO, and as such, they do not maintain standing inventory. We consistently receive large orders and are attempting to forecast the demand of our customers. Projected manufacturing lead times are 10-26 weeks from the date of order.

Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone prior to initiating an armor sale. We have found this helps us assess our clients’ needs, so that we may offer recommendations that ensures our clients acquire the appropriate plates. If you do have an understanding of armor and feel comfortable with your purchase, please order.

There are a number of items that we offer as a special order item, and will order at no additional cost.


SIERRATAC Armor Policy

Preamble: SIERRATAC wishes to offer the sales of armor products to those that have identified a need for protection, and to keep armor out of the hands of those that are not engaged in lawful activities. We ask that those purchasing armor products keep this in mind during your transaction. Below is a list of documents and qualifications that customers must meet before purchasing body armor from SIERRATAC.

End User Agreement and Affidavit: All customers must sign an end user agreement and affidavit.

Additionally, each customer must also satisfy one of the following identification requirements: US Citizens 18 years or older. Law abiding adult U.S. Citizens, or those lawfully in the United States, and may lawfully possess and purchase firearms and must provide a current copy of a valid state issued driver’s license.

The address upon the license must generally match the shipping address.  This is to ensure we are complying with federal regulations, state regulations, avoids fraud, attempts to ship overseas, etc.  In some instances, a copy of other governmental forms may be submitted and added as supplemental documentation.  Please email with questions.


Copies of documents and end user agreement and affidavit must be received prior to the shipment of any armor order.

Armor Sales and Manufacturer Orders. All armor sales are final and Armor items are not returnable for any reason. Please ensure proper sizing and measurements before placing your order. Manufacturer orders for armor are considered completed when all policies and documentation have been properly submitted, and found acceptable by SIERRATAC, at their sole discretion. We reserve the right to decline armor sales and orders for any reason. Orders placed to the manufacturer will be subject to a cancellation charge. The cancellation charge will be 20% of the armor order. By agreeing to the SIERRATAC Armor Sales Policy, you acknowledge and agree to the cancellation fee.

Connecticut residents: SIERRATAC will not sell body armor to Connecticut residents, except where provided by law.

No sales outside of the US, includes APO.