Development of WMLs (Weapon Mounted Light)

Hand-held flashlights were introduced in about 1900 with availability of dry cell batteries and incandescent light bulbs. Early bulbs were often too fragile to withstand recoil of a firearm. A United States patent was issued in 1912 for a night sight for firearms demonstrated on a revolver with bulb mounted in a shock absorber below the barrel and the grip modified to hold a battery and include a pressure switch, this is when the WML was first introduced.

Benefits of WML

Weapon mounted lights offer hands-free use, leaving the shooter free to use both hands to control the weapon. For rifles, two hands are needed to operate the weapon. Most models have an on/off switch mounted on a short wire; the switch is then mounted somewhere on the gun within easy reach of the operator.

WMLs are most commonly seen on rifles, shotguns and submachine guns, but small tactical lights are becoming more common on handguns as well. These lights are often much more expensive than the handheld lights, since they must have sufficient durability to withstand the recoil of the firearm.

Enter, Modlite Systems

Modlite Systems was born from the desire of its founder Cory Starr to create the best flashlight for its specific intended role. Often being disappointed with the performance and function of the top flashlight company’s products, Modlite looked for solutions to improve function and performance that suited the needs of the law enforcement and firearms enthusiast community.

Working closely with several different law enforcement agencies, Modlite developed a long gun specific WML system which delivers industry leading performance.

Modlite offers wide array of parts you can combine with your WML, including; light heads/bodies, mounts, batteries, chargers, switches and replacement parts compatible with their own products and some of them with other brand WMLs.

Modlite WMLs can be used in two ways; it can help you identify your target in the dark but also if specific model is strong enough, it can be used as disorientation tool if used in close quarters.

If you need the best of the best when it comes to weapon mounted lights and hand-held lights, Modlite offers the best in this class and brings you the highest quality products.