HESCO’s 211 plates in particular, and the whole 200 series in general, have been specifically designed for ease of movement. They are ideal for situations where concealability and protection are equally critical for the success of your mission—not to mention your survival in a contested environment. HESCO series 200 plates are state-of-the-art Special Rifle Threat (SRT) body armor products. They combine the advantages of low-visibility armor with light and medium armor-piercing protection. 

These plates are so light you can wear them throughout your duty hours while keeping them well concealed. At the same time, you can rely on them to protect you against a broad spectrum of threats from armor-piercing (AP) rifle ammo. L211 plates focus on both quality and value, which makes them less expensive than most other competing brands and products. 

The L211: Just the Plate You Need When the Going Gets Tough!

These personal body protection plates are manufactured with cutting-edge composite materials that are as highly reliable as they are durable. Every HESCO 200 series plate is individually coated with water-resistant materials including polyurethane and is available in Cordura fabric finish. These plates are cost-effective without ever compromising their protection capabilities or build quality. 

You can count on your L211 plates to stop military rifle slugs and projectiles such as the various lead core and armor-piercing incendiary (API) rounds of the AK-47 Kalashnikov family of assault rifles. They can also absorb the kinetic energy of mil-spec M16/M4 ammo including the NATO 5.56×45 M193 and M855 regular and mild steel core rounds. They are even capable of stopping the formidable 5.56 M8551 high-performance loads. 

The plates weigh a mere 4.9 lbs., so you can wear them without feeling any discomfort. They are available for different preferences and styles such as Single Curve and Shooter Cut variants to ensure maximum comfort. These plates offer seamless compatibility with BI L110 SRT Stand Alone Side Plates so you’ll have complete 360-degree all-around protection for your vital areas. You can also elevate the side plates as per your body size and convenience.

Like all other HESCO body protection products, the L211 armor plates go through a whole range of tests before they are shipped to the end customers. Some of these tests include:

  • Multiple tests to determine ergonomics, flexibility, and comfort 
  • Tests to ensure resistance to fungal growth, fluids, and chemical agents 
  • Operational durability tests including high-impact, vibration, and shock tests 
  • Kinetic impact tests such as blast, ballistic, fragmentation, and stab tests for enhanced protection from diverse threats

All HESCO’s products are proudly manufactured here in the US at our advanced facility in Aberdeen. The nation’s armed forces have chosen HESCO body armor to protect the lives of our personnel in the most contested environments on the planet!

Rest assured that when you buy Hesco L211 personal body armor plates, you are getting the very best value for your money!


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