Personal body armor plates have always been an integral part of armies since the dawn of civilization. Today’s modern militaries and security services are no different since they, like their ancient counterparts, willingly go out in harm’s way. The 21st-century warrior is truly spoiled for choice regarding personal body protection with various solutions available for diverse mission requirements. 

However, for classification purposes, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has developed specific body armor plate ratings for ease of identification and assessment of threat levels. These include Level IIA, Level II, Level IIIA, and Level III all the way up to Level IV. The rule here is that the higher the level, the superior the protection, with a consequent increase in weight and bulk. The top levels are designed to protect the wearer from even very powerful military rifle rounds. 

There is, albeit, always a tradeoff in terms of size, weight, and overall bulk. Traditionally, the higher NIJ levels are heavier and more difficult to wear for extended periods than their lower-level equivalent plates. 

Back when they were invented, level IV armor plates were difficult for soldiers and security personnel to wear for long since their weight and size made them unmanageable after a few hours at most. But today’s cutting-edge technology has gone a long way toward resolving this issue to a great extent. This is the part where HESCO’s body armor plates come into the appearance. 

Why Choose HESCO Body Plate Solutions

It is no coincidence that our nation’s armed forces have used HESCO’s reliable products for over two decades. They have meant the difference between life and death on battlefields all over the world. 

All of HESCO’s body armor plates are tested rigorously at their state-of-the-art production facility, and they have been meticulously engineered to match and even exceed even the most demanding standards set by the NIJ. 

HESCO’s standalone plates are a cut above the rest because the company has been at the forefront of developing highly innovative technologies for its body armor solutions. The results speak for themselves as they have proven themselves, time and again, in some of the most highly contested battle spaces around.

Their flagship higher-level series of plates are made with SPECTRA, a space-age material that has a higher tensile strength than steel yet is far lighter and very comfortable. All of HESCO’s products deliver on their premise of safety and reliability. HESCO ensures quality by rigorously testing its products and using advanced materials and truly impeccable craftsmanship. Every HESCO body armor solution, ranging from their complete vests to their signature plates, ensures maximum protection. Best of all, they are proudly made right here in their ultra-modern facility in Aberdeen.

It is impossible to imagine a better investment than acquiring body armor that can enhance the chances of survival in a contested environment. You can always rest assured that your trusty Hesco Plates have a clear-cut and well-proven track record of doing precisely that! 


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