The Modlite OKW is all about throw and toughness. It has been designed to throw its light over vast distances without flooding the whole area. Unlike other brands, it doesn’t have very high lumens (680), but it’s candela or throw clocks in at a massive 69,000.

This allows the beam to hold true to a specific spot up to 250 yards or so. Once mated to an LPVO, or Low Power Variable Optic, it will enable you to identify and engage targets at night at very long distances.

Water Resistance

The OKW is impervious to wet conditions because it is rated IPX8 2m. This is a very high water resistance level and ensures the tactical flashlight will be able to work perfectly at depths of up to 2 meters for over 24 hours. In fact, it is likely that once its tail cap has been properly fitted, the seal would stop water ingress at depths of even 10 meters.

An Incredibly Strong Weapon-Mounted Light

This light has been built from the ground up to be extremely tough. This is why it is strong enough to survive not just the recoil impulse of powerful weapons, but also the rigors of combat.

While many tactical weapon-mounted lights can handle single shots and even rapid fire, combat is a whole new ball game. The weapon might be dropped or even used as a bludgeon. The Modlite OKW can handle just about everything you throw at it without skipping a beat.

Its overall throw is roughly 400% greater than the throw of its closest competitor—the famous Surefire M600DF. You will be able to use it to reach out and clearly identify your targets beyond visual range, even in pitch-dark conditions, with the help of your LPVO.

Key Features of the Modlite OKW 18650

  • Built from military grade and durable 6061 series aluminum
  • It offers 680 lumens with 69k candela so you can use it both indoors and outdoors
  • Its drivers have been tested to extreme specs
  • The OKW can easily withstand the recoil of the powerful SCAR-17—even in full auto mode
  • Proudly built in the USA
  • Mil-spec hard anodized finish
  • Ultra-clear BOROFLOAT lens to ensure 99% light transmittance

As long as you use the correct batteries,[1] you can always rely on your Modlite OKW to perform at both the home as well as in the field.


This tactical light doesn’t support Lithium CR123 cells. Using these cells may lead to an explosion.


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