HESCO’s L210 series provides excellent protection against firearms projectiles while ensuring near-total concealability. This is a very discreet body armor plate that offers plenty of protection relative to its weight and thickness. The L120 is very effective against various types of light armor-piercing rifle ammunition.

All L210 Special Rifle Threat (SRT) plates are part of HESCO’s 200 series. The whole series has been specifically designed to provide effective low-visibility armor. These plates (both front and back) are affordable, yet they can be depended upon to provide a very high degree of protection. They are capable of defeating even the formidable AK 47  7.62×39 armor piercing (AP) projectile. The L210 plate can also stop the steel penetrator-equipped M855 NATO Green tip 5.56×45 round.

All HESCO L210 plates can also be integrated with their BI L110 Special Rifle Threat counterpart side plates. Combining these armor plate sets will ensure a comprehensive protection zone and a correspondingly higher chance of survival in a combat situation. The L210 series side plates can also be elevated to cover the vital areas of the torso and protect them against side shots.

  • HESCO L210 Design Features
  • Made from highly advanced composite materials
  • Water-resistant composition
  • Effective protection against various kinds of special rifle threats
  • Polyurethane-coated extremely durable Cordura fabric finish 
  • No compromise on quality – ever!
  • Cost-effective personal body armor solution 
  • Tested to exceed NJI’s most stringent ballistic resistance standards
  • HESCO Products 

HESCO armor plate products have been used by the US military for decades. It is not just our warriors in uniform alone, but over the years, many government agencies have also started using HESCO body armor solutions for their agents in the field. 

All HESCO products are rigorously tested according to the most rigorous standards at their cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Aberdeen, Washington. They are subjected to ballistic and stabbing tests along with water immersion and temperature tests, to quote but a few such tests. 

  • Key Specifications
  • Material: Composite /ceramic
  • Weight: 5.5 lb. 
  • Protection: Special Rifle Threat; 5.56 and  7.62×39 API and similar calibers
  • Color: Black

HESCO L210 plate inserts are the best means of survival when you go out in harm’s way. Rest assured, you can always depend on HESCO personal armor solutions to protect you if and when your life is on the line. 


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