HESCO products represent the absolute cutting edge in terms of personal body armor products. Every product that leaves HESCO’s plant has to go through extremely stringent tests to determine that it’s capable of protecting your life. This holds particularly true if you have to operate in the most difficult and hostile environments in the world. 

In the old days, body armor was a makeshift affair at best, and warriors had to improvise with whatever was available, irrespective of its efficacy. However, modern armor plates have come a long way. 

Today HESCO manufactures some of the very best personal protection available anywhere in the world. It is for this reason that the military has chosen HESCO for the body armor needs of our brave soldiers in uniform. In fact, HESCO products have been used by the armed forces for over two decades now and over the years they have proved their worth in battle many times over. 

Why HESCO Is the Right Choice For You 

Apart from the military, law enforcement agencies, police departments, and security companies also use Hesco armor plates. These plates are designed to exceed even the most rigorous NIJ standards to ensure their quality. They are also subject to very strict manufacturing protocols, so you can rely on them with complete peace of mind. 

These plates offer optimum protection irrespective of the threats you face. Where concealability and protection are the main criteria, the 3800 series has few equals and no superiors. Similarly, the 4601 series offers NIJ level IV protection against even high-powered military rifles. You can choose any number of HESCO front, back, and side plates in line with your requirements and budget. 

Hesco plates are made of the highest quality materials and are subjected to the following tests:

  • UV radiation 
  • Extreme temperature tests
  • Buoyancy tests 
  • Tests to gauge chemical, fluid, and fungus resistance
  • Kinetic impact tests such as blast, ballistic, and stab tests 
  • Altitude tests 
  • Durability tests including shock and drop impact 
  • Detailed X-Ray inspection of individual plates 
  • Tests to determine comfort as well as ergonomics

All HESCO personal body armor protection plates are proudly made in the US at their state-of-the-art facility in Aberdeen, Washington. 

If your life’s on the line, you can always count on HESCO Body Armor to provide the edge you need to survive!


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