Weapon-mounted lights have been around for many decades. They have evolved from the earliest hand-held flashlights that were invented around 1900. However, these early bulbs were too flimsy and delicate to be used on a weapon. The harsh recoil of both shoulder-fired and hand-held weapons would break them within a few shots. 

It was in 1912 that the very first weapon-mounted light (WML) was invented and mounted on a revolver. It had a bulb mounted with a shock absorber to help withstand the punishing recoil, while the grip was modified to hold its battery. Finally, the pressure switch was also located close to the fingers. 

This primitive light was the very first step in the WML concept. Today, there exists a veritable plethora of different lights and mounting systems for all kinds of guns. However, it was only towards the end of the last century that they really came into their own. 

A weapon-mounted light is absolutely crucial for just about every home defense weapon. The last thing you want to do is to make a terrible mistake when shooting literally in the dark!  

A good WML offers hands-free use, allowing you to use both your hands to operate your weapon and give the hostile environment your full attention. 

WMLs are typically more common on shotguns, rifles, and even submachine guns (SMGs). However, handgun lights are now becoming increasingly popular among knowledgeable handgun enthusiasts and professionals. 

The critical importance of identifying your target before taking a shot cannot be underestimated. Moreover, a reasonably powerful weapon-mounted light can also momentarily blind your opponent, so you may resolve the situation without needing to use your firearm.  

These two key aspects are largely responsible for the surging popularity of the modern WML. However, not every WML is equal to the task. Some of them can’t handle the recoil and may shatter, while others won’t work as advertised – putting your life and the lives of your loved ones in jeopardy. 

Why Modlite Is the Best Value for Money Around

Modlite Systems exists because the company’s founder Cory Starr wanted to make the very best flashlights for their specific roles. He decided to create high-performance WMLs for law enforcement and the firearms enthusiast community instead of attempting to create a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. 

Modlite understands that it is not just a weapon light alone that makes a difference. Rather many other items are needed to create a reliable WML package. This is precisely why the company offers a very wide range of parts and components that you may combine with your desired WML. These include bodies, light heads, switches, chargers, and mounts.  

Your Modlite can easily disorient an opponent, especially in close quarters. Moreover, many Modlite rifle-mounted lights can reach out and help you identify targets from a very long way away.  If you want a light that you can depend upon when the chips are down – Modlite is the one WML you should get!


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