HESCO’s 4400 plates provide cost-effective, lifesaving protection for operatives who form the tip of the spear in highly volatile combat situations. These high-impact resistant personal protection plates are perfect for individuals who answer the call of duty in extremely dangerous active shooter scenarios.

The HESCO 4400 series comes equipped with a tough Cordura nylon wrap, so it is always well-protected from sweat and the elements. In fact, these personal armor plates are water-resistant and very durable. They also offer exceptional resistance from abrasions and the wear and tear of daily mission usage.

HESCO 4400 Series:  The Best Personal Protection Plates Available Today!

When the chips are down and your life is on the line, you can always count on HESCO to protect you from all kinds of threats. In fact, these NIJ level IV plates will give you the critical edge to ensure you come out on top in every situation. 

Top-of-the-line Protection 

You can count on these excellent level IV plates to stop even full-power 30-06 and 7.62×51 NATO armor-piercing loads. The HESCO 4400 front and back plates will protect the vital areas from some of the most dangerous anti-personnel rounds around. 

These body armor plates offer seamless compatibility with both BI 4101 as well as BI 4100 Level IV side-fitting plates. This way, you are assured full-spectrum protection from every threat in even the most hostile environments. 

Why Choose HESCO?

The good people at HESCO understand the critical importance of their personal protection body armor. That’s why all HESCO body protection products undergo stringent tests that are always conducted in cutting-edge laboratories. 

These 4400 plates are designed to handle all kinds of ballistic, shrapnel, and blunt trauma threats and have been created as per the highest quality standards. You can rely on them with confidence to help protect you when the gravest extreme is part of your everyday routine. 

In fact, the various branches of the United States Armed Forces have been regularly using HESCO plates as front-line protection for over twenty years. HESCO personal body armor plates have repeatedly proven themselves on battlefields all over the world, and have won the respect and gratitude of individuals who have trusted them with their very lives. 

Rest assured, you can always rely on HESCO 4400 plates when you need the very best!


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