Tactical lights are a basic prerequisite in any shoulder-fired weapon used for home defense or in the field. They can mean the crucial difference between identifying your target—or making a terrible mistake!

You can use the firearm itself as an aid in low-light target identification with the help of your weapon-mounted tactical light. This way, you’ll be able to aim your weapon even as you simultaneously illuminate the target. 

Tactical Lights: Why You Should Mount Them on Your Weapon 

A tactical light is different from an ordinary flashlight since it’s a high-quality product that can withstand the recoil of shoulder-fired weapons. These lights should function even when subjected to the harsh kick of 3-inch double-naught buckshot shells.

That’s because they have been designed keeping professionals in mind. Armed Forces personnel, legally armed civilians, law enforcement, and security officers might face sudden danger—literally in the dark. A powerful and reliable flashlight is an absolute must in such circumstances.  

These lights are also ideal for your home defense weapon. Should you need to use your firearm to defend your home, you must be completely sure of the target. After all, your family would also be around. 

Ultimately, a top-quality flashlight is an exceptionally powerful torch capable of delivering blinding light, as and when needed.

Enter the Modlite OKW

The Modlite 18650 is a lightweight tactical torch for a shoulder-fired weapon that packs a formidable punch in a small package. It comes with an ultra-high performance OKW light head, and a tough mil-spec body and tail cap. 

The package also includes a Modlite 3500mAh battery for a 75 minute (approx.) run time. Its XTAR MC2 quick charger can charge the battery very quickly so you won’t have to worry about running out of power at a critical time. However, this flashlight doesn’t support regular CR123 cells, and using them might cause it to explode.  

Its 680-lumen output can be compared to the top weapons lights around. However, when it comes to throw, it’s in a league of its own. In fact, it can actually enable Positive ID (PID) at over three to even four times the distance of other brands in the same size and price range. 

In other words, the overall lumen output is close to its Surefire counterparts, but the OKW’s throw is far longer and brighter. This flashlight successfully creates the perfect balance of flood and throw in a lightweight and easily mounted tactical package. 

Modlite’s OKW 18650 flashlight comes with incredibly steady drivers that can withstand the recoil of even a full auto 7.62×51 SCAR 17 rifle. This flashlight has been proudly made in the US and has a lifetime guarantee. 

The candela is around 69,000, which means it is perfectly capable of double duty for both outdoor and indoor use. It’s also suitably well-equipped with the ultra-clear BOROFLOAT® lens that allows up to 99 percent light transmittance.

If you want a tough and rugged piece of equipment that performs equally well at home or as an outdoor companion, the Modlite OKW is just the flashlight for you!


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