When it comes to personal body armor technology, HESCO has few peers and no superiors. Their products have been used by our armed forces for over two decades and have saved countless lives in all kinds of combat zones.

They are the first choice for our nation’s military, federal agencies, police departments, and security companies. In fact, HESCO body armor plates are the best protective gear you can take with you when you go out in harm’s way. 

HESCO’s engineers know the paramount importance of reliable and dependable personal protection body armor plates. In fact, that’s why our armed forces chose them in the first place. 

All HESCO body armor plates offer an exceptional weight-to-performance ratio. Since they are flexible, it’s easy to wear them for extended periods without any discomfort or fatigue. They may be light and easy to wear, but that doesn’t mean these plates don’t work well. Rest assured, they offer exceptional protection against even very powerful armor-piercing battle rifle rounds. 

HESCO’s Product Testing Standards

All HESCO armor plates are always rigorously tested at ultramodern laboratories and under stringent protocols. HESCO knows that the warriors who don their armor put their very lives on the line while performing their duties. This is precisely why they prepare their body armor products accordingly. Putting on a HESCO product means state-of-the-art protection with the finest armor plates available today. To ensure their plates are indeed the best ones around, HESCO subjects them to a battery of tests before they dispatch them to their distribution centers. 

Some of the more crucial tests include the following:

  • Buoyancy-related tests to ensure the plates don’t sink during water crossings 
  • Operational durability tests including vibration tests, drop impact tests, and shock tests 
  • Tests to determine their resistance to fungus, fluid, and chemical agents 
  • High altitude tests 
  • These plates are checked multiple times to see how they perform under low and high temperature extremes
  • Kinetic impact tests such as stab tests, blast, ballistic, and even fragmentation tests to ensure they offer maximum all-around protection from a broad range of threats
  • Tests to determine flexibility, ergonomics, and comfort 
  • Detailed x-ray inspections are conducted to see if there are any cracks or dents that might compromise the structural integrity of the plates

As of now, all of HESCO’s ballistic personal protection plates are being proudly manufactured at HESCO’s cutting-edge production facility in Aberdeen, USA.

HESCO’s engineers take great pains to ensure they provide innovative body armor solutions, keeping in mind the all-important goal—survivability. That’s why they use only top-quality raw materials and work hard to create the most reliable personal armor products available today.   

HESCO knows there is nothing more valuable and more important than your life. You can rely on HESCO plates to protect you when facing the gravest of extreme situations!


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