Hesco body armor plates represent cutting-edge technology in personal body armor protection. They are used by our nation’s armed forces as well as numerous state and private security agencies. In fact, these plates have proved their worth over the years in countless battlefields all over the world.  

They are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes as per threat level and mission requirements. They start from non-ballistic training plates that can survive all kinds of training combat scenarios. On the other end of the spectrum are level IV+ plates that can withstand direct hits from powerful military rifles firing armor-piercing ammo. 

  • 800 Series 

HESCO’s flagship 800 premium level IV+ plates have been purpose-built for fluid and volatile environments. I.e., places where survival depends on speed and top-quality personal armor. The 800 series is tailor-made for maneuverability and extensive protection. They are manufactured from SPECTRA—a next-generation material that’s forty percent lighter yet fifteen times stronger than steel. These plates maintain their overall strength and flexibility much more than most competing plates out there.  

They are finished with a durable and water-resistant coating to ensure unsurpassed quality in performance and feel. The 800 series will protect you from some of the most dangerous military rifle cartridges around, including .30-06 and 7.62×51 NATO armor piercing ammunition. 

  • 600 Series 

All 600 series personal body armor plates are designed for ease of mobility and comfort, even on lengthy patrols. They are light enough to be worn with the rest of the kit out in the field and have been made with SPECTRA material. They are available in military-style SAPI and law enforcement cuts. The 600 series provides comprehensive protection against 7.62×39 and 7.62×51 rounds. They can also withstand 5.56 NATO green tips.  

  • HESCO 400 Series 

HESCO’s 400 series plates provide cost-effective yet lifesaving protection for emergency first responders in an active shooter scenario. They can protect you in even the most volatile situations and are durable enough to be worn on duty for extended periods. Their Cordura wrap ensures enhanced resistance to tearing and abrasions. They are rated for level IV threats and can stop even full-power 30-06 armor piercing loads in their tracks. These plates are fully compatible with the 400 series side plates to ensure overall protection. 

  • HESCO 200 Series  

These plates have been designed for low visibility and discretion, making them the ideal choice for special threat protection. They have a multi-curve design for ease of mobility and maximum comfort. Lightweight and waterproof, they have been coated with polyurethane and wrapped in Cordura nylon. The 200 series side plates are also available for extra protection against long-range rifle shots.  

HESCO 200 series plates weigh between 4 to 5 pounds (as per individual size) and are thin and light enough to be worn under clothing without printing. 

All HESCO personal protection plates are proudly manufactured in the US with the finest materials available today. When the chips are down, you can depend on HESCO armor to save your life!


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