Hesco’s flagship 800 Body Plate Series has been created for fast and fluid combat environments. These plates offer enhanced protection and superior performance in comparison to most other personal protection plates available today. They have been designed to protect personnel in highly contested battle spaces. This series offers extensive protection along with a very high degree of maneuverability and freedom of movement.

SPECTRA: Giving HESCO 4800 Model Plates Their Definitive Edge!

HESCO 4800 – 800 series plates have been manufactured from next-generation SPECTRA material and represent the absolute best in state-of-the-art body armor technology. 

SPECTRA is a composite fabric developed by some of Honeywell’s finest engineers. It is fifteen times stronger than steel when the two materials are compared pound-for-pound.

Using this material helps reduce the overall weight of the 4800 plates by around 40 percent. At the same time, the plates maintain their overall strength and flexibility. It is for precisely this reason that the HESCO 800 series armor plates tend to be far lighter than most other personal protection plates around. However, the lesser weight doesn’t mean compromising on quality since they still offer the highest level of protection in their class. 

The HESCO 4800 is a lightweight and reliable personal body armor plate that offers the wearer NIJ Level IV protection. This means it will protect you against extremely powerful and dangerous military rifle cartridges including 7.62×51 NATO as well as the very hard-hitting 30-06 AP (armor piercing) rounds. 

This series also offers seamless compatibility with BI 4100 and BI 4101 NIJ Level IV Side Plates. This lightweight combination offers excellent protection against most threats to the upper parts of the body. Thanks to SPECTRA’s weight-saving properties, you will be able to wear all these plates together without suffering from fatigue or sacrificing your mobility. 

Top Features of the 4800 Level IV Armor Plate Series

  • Built from next-gen SPECTRA materials 
  • Multi-curve design for enhanced comfort over long duty hours 
  • Available in different cuts as per military and LEA requirements 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Water-resistant 
  • Extremely durable
  • Precision quality control 
  • Proudly built from the ground up in the U.S.

All HESCO 4800 series plates offer unmatched performance in a lightweight and water-resistant package. They will be your ideal companions in some of the most hostile environments in the world, and you can rely on them to protect you on the toughest battlefields. 


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