The HESCO 600 armor plate series has been designed for comfort and mobility. These plates offer unbeatable level III+ protection while being light enough to ensure they can be worn for extended periods.

HESCO has created these high-performance plates for tactical teams and SWAT units that conduct speed-based operations and rely on maximum mobility for survival.

HESCO 3611C plates are like all other HESCO ballistic inserts because they have been created according to the highest quality standards possible. These plates are tested to meet all National Institute of Justice requirements for personal protection armor.

The 600 Series has been specifically manufactured for long-term comfort for operators who have to wear them for extended duty periods. This series is ideal for such operations since it provides greater mobility during lengthy patrols and even when the operator is participating in high-speed movements and maneuvers.

Your 3611C plates have been created, keeping your safety in mind. Wearing them means you will always have complete peace of mind that you have not compromised on personal protection. These plates will protect you very effectively from a broad range of threats. They will also keep you fully mobile, and you won’t even feel you are protected by level III+ armor.

It is also possible to pair the 3611C plates with BI 3110 Level III+ side plates for all-around protection. You can rely on your HESCO 3611C Level III+ plates to protect you from the penetrator equipped 5.56×45 M855 (M4) round and even 7.62×39 MSC (AK 47) projectiles as well.

Key Features of the HESCO 3611C Plates

  • Constructed from highly advanced SPECTRA material
  • Available in military-style SAPI cut along with law enforcement-style cut
  • Precision quality control
  • Water-resistant
  • Very durable construction
  • Comfortable design for long periods of wear
  • NIJ Level III+ protection
  • Standalone plates
  • Polyurethane-coated cutting-edge Cordura fabric

HESCO Personal Protection Armor

HESCO personal armor plate products have been used by our military for over two decades because they exceed NIJ’s most rigorous standards. These plates have proved themselves in combat on battlefields worldwide and have been instrumental in saving the lives of our brave men and women in uniform.

HESCO understands the importance of creating top-quality products that you can rely on—when your life is on the line. Rest assured, you can depend on your Polyurethane-coated HESCO 3611C plates when the chips are down!


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