The world today is becoming an increasingly more dangerous place. Threats to life and liberty can erupt without warning. In such a scenario, everyone who voluntarily goes out in harm’s way should have maximum protection for increased survivability. This is why threat assessment and subsequent prevention are extremely important for today’s warriors.  

When soldiers, security guards, or law enforcement officers engage hostile elements trying to kill them- they have to be prepared well enough to survive the encounter.  

The continuous evolution of weapons technology has led to the very rapid proliferation of high-velocity rifles. This means that the combat zone today is more lethal than ever before. Police patrols to SWAT teams to uniformed armed forces – Everyone needs personal body armor protection. 

HESCO 3810: The Best Protection for the Serious Operator 

The HESCO 3810 ballistic inserts offer unparalleled advantages when compared to their competitors. They have been designed for maximum performance in some of the deadliest battlefield environments in the world. They are ideal for any situation that demands maneuverability, flexibility, and extensive protection.

3810 plates have been precision engineered with cutting-edge technology to provide the least possible weight without compromising on their protective properties. 

They are the highest quality ballistic inserts in their class. Every 3810 plate is equipped with a tough, water-resistant coating. The end product is extensively tested before being wrapped in a durable and comfortable finish to ensure unsurpassed quality in terms of comfort, feel, and overall performance. 

In fact, not just the 3810 but all the products in HESCO’s  flagship 800 Series have been manufactured with a cutting-edge composite fabric known as ‘SPECTRA.’ This technological marvel is unlike any other material used for creating personal body armor. It is incredibly light, yet 15 times stronger and denser than steel. In fact, it is approximately 40 percent lighter than a corresponding steel insert of roughly the same size. This means that the people wearing it won’t get exhausted but retain their functionality and effectiveness in the combat zone for longer periods. At the same time, these plates will maintain their strength and flexibility throughout their service life. 

HESCO 3810 Plates: Protecting You in Every Situation

The 3810 is ideal for uniformed personnel, SWAT teams, and even security guards close to the front lines. These inserts feature next-gen lightweight armor. They enable you to retain your mobility while being highly effective against different types of light armor piercing (AP) rounds such as the standard AK47 7.62×39 loads. They can also retain their structural integrity against NATO 5.56×45 green tip M855 ball FMJ ammunition 

You can further enhance your personal body protection by pairing your HESCO 3810 with another HESCO product – the BI 3110 Level III+ Side plates. This combination will give you comprehensive protection all around your torso and upper body. 

The HESCO 3810 series of plates have been designed for the express purpose of saving lives. This is a task at which these ballistic inserts excel way beyond their peers. You can use them to protect yourself from the very worst out there! 


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