HESCO armor plates are amongst the best protective gear you can take with you on the front line. The good people at HESCO know the paramount importance of absolutely reliable personal protection armor plates. After all, their plates are worn by security forces, federal agents, and military and law enforcement personnel who brave the toughest battlefields to make the world a safer place. That is why every HESCO plate is second to none with regard to quality and protection. 

All HESCO armor plates offer an excellent weight-to-performance ratio. They are light and flexible, and it is easy to wear them even for long periods, without discomfort. However, despite their light weight, they offer exceptional protection against even powerful armor-piercing military rifle rounds. 

HESCO Products Are Tested to Survive in Extremely Tough Conditions 

All HESCO armor plates are rigorously tested at state-of-the-art laboratories and under extremely stringent protocols. HESCO understands that people who put on their armor are putting their lives on the line, and they prepare every product accordingly. You can rest assured that you will always be protected by some of the best armor plates available on the market today. 

All HESCO products go through a battery of tests before they are deemed worthy of being dispatched to the distribution centers. Some of the more important tests include the following:

  • Test to determine resistance to fluid, fungus, and various chemical agents 
  • Buoyancy related test 
  • Kinetic impact tests include blast, stab, ballistic as well as fragment tests to offer maximum protection from a broad spectrum of attacks
  • High altitude tests 
  • Operational durability tests including drop impact, vibration, as well as shock tests 
  • Multiple tests to check how the armor plate performs under high and low-temperature extremes
  • Detailed X-ray inspections for any inconsistencies in the physical structure of the plate 
  • Tests to determine ergonomics, flexibility, and comfort 

HESCO’s ballistic personal protection armor plates are proudly manufactured at HESCO’s cutting-edge plant in Aberdeen, USA.

HESCO engineers go out of their way to create highly innovative body armor solutions with one key goal; survivability – irrespective of the conditions on and off the battlefield. Keeping this core objective in mind, they use only the highest quality materials available without cutting corners. 

They are well-aware that nothing is more important than your life. If you face the gravest threats, you can always count on HESCO armor to help you survive!


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