HESCO’s 4800 personal protection armor plates are part of the company’s flagship 800 series. They offer considerably superior performance and enhanced protection when compared to similar products. These plates are designed primarily for very fast-moving and highly volatile environments. They are ideal for highly contested battlefields and combat zones that require both extensive protection as well as a very high degree of maneuverability.

HESCO 4800 series plates have been created from next-generation materials with state-of-the-art body armor plate technology. All HESCO 800 Series armor plates are far lighter than other personal protection plates. However, they still offer the highest protection level in their class. Every HESCO 4800 armor plate comes with a high standard water-resistant durable coating wrap. It delivers unmatched performance in the field, along with the rest of the top-of-the-line products of the 800 Series. 

The 800 Series in general, has been crafted with Honeywell’s next-gen composite fabric. SPECTRA is not only as much as 15 times stronger than steel but also weighs much less. In fact, it reduces overall weight up to 40 percent while retaining its excellent strength and flexibility.

The HESCO 4800 is a lightweight plate that offers NJI Level IV protection. It protects the wearer against extremely dangerous and powerful military rifle cartridges such as the 7.62×51 NATO.30-06 AP (armor piercing) rounds. 

The HESCO 4800 series is also fully compatible with both BI 4100 as well as BI 4101 Level IV Side Plates. This combination offers maximum protection against all threats to the critical parts of the body. 

Key Features of the 4800 Level IV Stand Alone Armor Plates 

  • Next-gen SPECTRA technology and materials 
  • Multi-curve design for enhanced comfort even during extended use 
  • Available in military-style SAPI cut as well as law enforcement-type Shooter cut 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extremely durable
  • Precision quality control throughout the manufacturing process 
  • Water-resistant
  • Cordura fabric finished with Polyurethane coating 

Why Should You Choose HESCO?

All HESCO products are precision-engineered to withstand the toughest battlefields. They are lightweight and comfortable and built with top-quality materials. This is why they have been chosen by our nation’s armed forces to protect our brave uniformed personnel all over the world. This is a task that HESCO has been performing successfully for over 20 years now. 

HESCO 4800 plates undergo a battery of tests before they are shipped. Some of these tests include:

  • Kinetic impact tests: These include fragment, blast, ballistic, and stab tests 
  • Detailed X-ray inspection
  • Operational reliability tests including drop impact, vibration, and shock tests 
  • Chemical, fungus, and fluid tests 
  • Ergonomics and comfort tests

The HESCO 4800 series is your perfect companion in the most hostile environments where maximum protection is needed without compromising maneuverability. It is comfortable enough to be worn for a long time in the field. Best of all, HESCO plates have repeatedly proved themselves in extremely demanding situations. They are just what you need every time you go in harm’s way!  


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