The increasing proliferation of firearms using very high-velocity ammunition has made the world less safe for the brave men and women who go out in harm’s way.  Such weapons and rounds are cheaply and easily mass-produced everywhere. 

Body armor producers have taken revolutionary steps to keep pace with firearms developments. This has led to the introduction of effective yet lightweight and comfortable body armor solutions. 

HESCO has stepped up to the plate and has been instrumental in creating some of the most highly effective body armor solutions around. They have produced some of the most advanced armor plates for military applications, security, and police work alike.  

The efficacy of their armor plate products depends on the high-quality materials they use. Here HESCO sets the bar for just about every armor plate solution provider in the world. 

It is for this very reason that the US armed forces have chosen HESCO products to protect our warriors. In fact, HESCO products have saved countless lives in the most hostile environments in the past two decades. They have been used for frontline service by many different agencies. From the Department of Homeland Security to the Department of Defense and from state, federal, and local law enforcement officers to security firms, HESCO is the first choice for true professionals.  

The HESCO Edge 

HESCO products are manufactured to extremely stringent standards at their ultramodern facility located in Aberdeen, Washington. All HESCO products are proudly designed and made in the US and constructed from the finest quality raw materials available today. HESCO plates go through a battery of tests to ensure that they meet and even exceed NJI’s most rigorous standards. Some of these tests include the following:

  • Kinetic Impact tests such as stab, ballistic, blast, and fragment tests for overall protection against any possible scenario
  • Tests conducted to determine comfort and ergonomics 
  • Operational durability tests, including heavy and jarring vibration, shock, impact, and drop tests 
  • Tests to gauge performance under extreme temperature 
  • The plate’s resistance to fluid (water, sweat, etc.), fungus, and chemical agents 
  • Altitude tests 
  • Detailed X-ray inspections to ensure perfect structural integrity
  • Buoyancy in water 

HESCO engineers have plenty of experience creating the ideal body armor plate solutions to protect you against all kinds of attacks. They use the very best materials without ever compromising on comfort or quality. You can count on HESCO plates with your life! 


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