HESCO’s 200 series plates have been designed with discretion in mind. They can be worn wherever deep concealability is crucial for specific mission requirements. These plates are light yet strong enough to stop powerful rifle projectiles. They can also stop light armor-piercing (AP) rounds too. This Special Rifle Threat (SRT) armor plate is ideal for even very high threat level environments while being easily concealable due to its low visibility profile. 

The L210 is perfectly capable of defeating common military caliber rifle rounds such as the 7.62×39 AP rounds as well as 7.62×39 MSC. It is also highly effective against NATO’s standard 5.56×45 M855 green tip ball ammo.

The HESCO L210 offers full compatibility with the BI L110 SRT Stand Alone Side Plates. Taken together, they offer complete protection and cover the heart and other vital organs against both side and front shots. 

HESCO products have been protecting our brave service personnel on the frontlines and other battlefields for over two decades. They are the armed forces’ first choice because they have been precision engineered to surpass even the most rigorous NJI standards.  

HESCO L210 Testing Protocols 

All HESCO products are tested at world-class laboratories and under strict protocols. HESCO knows that your life is on the line every time you put on your armor. This is why they ensure that you are always protected by the very best. Some of their tests include the following:  

  • Kinetic Impact tests including stab, blast, ballistic and fragment tests to ensure complete protection from different attacks
  • Operational durability tests such as vibration, drop impact, and shock tests 
  • Tests to determine how the plate performs under temperature extremes
  • Resistance to fungus, fluid, and chemical agents 
  • Altitude tests 
  • Detailed X-ray inspections to check for structural integrity
  • Buoyancy
  • Tests to determine comfort and ergonomics

All HESCO Ballistic Inserts are individually manufactured at HESCO’s cutting facility in Aberdeen, USA.

HESCO specializes in creating the ideal body armor solutions to ensure optimal survivability even in the toughest of conditions.  They use only the best materials available without ever compromising on quality or comfort. When the chips are down, you can always rely on HESCO L210 ballistic inserts with your life. 


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