Modlite Systems founder Cory Starr has been using flashlights all his life. However, each one was lacking in certain key characteristics. If one had an awesome throw and luminosity, it was too expensive. On the other hand, affordable tactical lights often could not stand the punishing recoil of shoulder-fired weapons. 

This is why he realized it was up to him to create that perfect flashlight. One that would deliver the same performance as the big boys on the block – but at an affordable price point. He was determined to create that flawless flashlight that would perform impeccably for its intended role. 

He saw that many of the best flashlights failed to deliver when the chips were down, and a good light counted the most. This held true for performance and functionality for both LEA use and the firearms enthusiast community in general. 

This is why Modlite took detailed feedback from different law enforcement agencies. They incorporated all the elements that the top law enforcement agencies want for their lights. 

They subsequently used this knowledge to develop not just a weapons light but a state-of-the-art long gun specific Weapon Mounted Light (WML) system. The core purpose was to deliver industry-leading performance where it mattered the most – in the field.

The Modlite team consists of the ‘who’s-who’ of experts in the firearms enthusiast community. These people continuously give their feedback to further enhance Modlite products. 

The good people at Modlite understand that WMLs are not standalone products. Rather, they must be used with a broad array of other components that you may combine as per your mission requirements. These include long-lasting batteries, light heads/bodies, sturdy mounts that can absorb the most punishing recoil, chargers, and switches. 

Why Use Modlite? 

You can use Modlite weapons-mounted lights in two different ways. They will help you to visually identify your target and prevent any grievous mistakes. Secondly, you can use some of their more powerful products as disorientation tools to confuse and temporarily blind an opponent. 

Products such as the Modlite: Handheld OKW-18650 Light and the Pistol Light PL350-OKW are great options for both these roles.

It does not matter if you mount a tactical light on your bedside weapon or need one for a high-risk mission. You can rest assured that Modlite offers the “best of the best” for both handheld flashlights and WMLs. You just can’t go wrong with any of their very high-quality products!


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