HESCO’s 400 series plates provide very cost-effective lifesaving protection to those who willingly put themselves in harm’s way. These high-impact personal protection plates are ideal for individuals responding to any highly volatile active shooter scenario.

The HESCO 4400 series has been finished with a very tough Cordura nylon wrap that protects it from the elements. In fact, all the 400 series of personal armor protection plates are durable and water-resistant. They also offer enhanced resistance from abrasions and the wear and tear of daily rough use.

These plates have been precision-engineered to be as cost-effective as possible without ever compromising on HESCO’s world-renowned reliability and quality. 

HESCO’s state-of-the-art 4400MC Level IV Plate Armor can stop very powerful military rounds. They can even stop the venerable 30-06 armor-piercing AP round. When you wear this plate, you will have the confidence knowing you are protected by armor that is quite capable of defeating even extremely powerful armor-piercing ammunition.  

You can also add the flexible BI 4101 and BI 4100 Level IV Side Plates for further protection. This way, you will be able to complete the protection zone from the front, back, and sides. 

Key Features of the HESCO 4400 Armor Plate Series   

  • NIJ Level IV protection 
  • Advanced composite materials
  • Extremely durable Polyurethane coated Cordura finish
  • Standalone plates 
  • Water-resistant
  • Full-spectrum protection
  • Very cost-effective design
  • Made of tough ceramic and composite material 


HESCO products have been rigorously tested in both the laboratory and the field and they have more than proved their worth in the most adverse conditions. This is why HESCO plates have been selected by the nation’s armed forces. In fact, HESCO has been protecting our brave men and women in the armed forces for well over two decades now. HESCO products have been specifically designed to not just meet, but also exceed NJI’s most rigorous standards.

These armor plates are comprehensively tested in world-class laboratories and only released after they pass a whole battery of tests. Some of these tests include blast, stab, ballistic, and fragmentation tests as well as extremes of temperature and UV radiation. 

All HESCO 4400 Inserts are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and they offer cutting-edge reliability in an increasingly unsafe world. Every HESCO product is proudly made in the USA.  

HESCO’s technicians are constantly trying to improve their body armor solutions to provide better protection and more comfort to the end-users. They use only the finest and most advanced materials to make your armor because they know that your very life depends upon their work. 

In case you have to face the gravest extreme, you can always stand tall knowing that you are protected by the very best in the world!  


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