HESCO manufactures the very best personal body armor plates for all your safety needs. These plates have a 20-year track record of proven service with our armed forces. Moreover, several federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and even many security service providers also use HESCO plates for the protection of their personnel. 

Ever since its inception, HASCO has been instrumental in providing cutting-edge protection from a wide array of threats with an efficacy that no other personal armor plating system can match. These plates can handle all kinds of threats ranging from small arms fire, all the way to high-velocity armor-piercing 7.62x 39 and 7.62×51 military rounds. 

HESCO Plates: Which One Would Best Serve Your Needs?

HESCO offers body armor solutions based on your specific mission requirements. As of now, the company offers a range of five different plate series that have all been created to meet different mission requirements. These plates range from the state-of-the-art 800 Series to the more budget-friendly 400 Series. Every plate series has been designed for a specific range of applications to meet your particular requirements. 

HESCO’s SPECTRA composite armor plate has been specifically developed by Honeywell. Its composite materials offer the ideal combination of weight and protection. Unlike many other armor plates that are too heavy to be worn for long, SPECTRA plates are not just 15 times stronger than steel – they are considerably lighter too! 

In fact, SPECTRA is 40 percent lighter than other armor plates, yet it is both flexible and strong enough to survive in even the harshest combat environments. 

Both the 800 and 600 armor plate series and the BI 4101 and BI 4100 HESCO side plates incorporate SPECTRA armor for maximum protection and mobility. On the other hand, the 400 series is more budget-friendly, while the 200 series is more focused on concealability.

The various HESCO armor plates have the ability to provide full-spectrum protection, ranging from standard JHP and FMJ 9×19 rounds to the formidable 7.62×54 (R) rounds. 

If your job involves high-risk situations, you will need body armor plates. Ultimately, the greatest investment you can make is to increase the chances of survival in the gravest extreme. Here, HESCO body armor is the best way of coming out on top, regardless of the odds against you!


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