Attaching a powerful tactical light on your home-defense or field weapon is a basic prerequisite. Your tactical light will illuminate the target and help you identify friend from foe. All you have to do is activate the torch before taking a shot. It’s really that simple! 

However, not all tactical weapon-mounted lights (WMLs) are built alike. Using a low-quality light can do more harm than good since it might break during combat operations. Most conventional lights are not meant to handle the harsh recoil of a powerful shoulder-fired weapon such as a big-bore rifle or shotgun.  

Using a regular torch as a dedicated WML can literally mean the difference between light and dark. After all, the last thing you want is a light that malfunctions just when you need it the most! 

The Case for a High-Quality WML

Your dedicated weapon light has to be built tough from the ground up. Apart from being able to survive the recoil of your most powerful rounds, it must be able to handle the rigors of combat. This last is particularly important due to the fact that even dedicated weapons can’t survive battle situations. 

If there is only one WML you can depend on in every situation, it has to be the Modlite OKW 18650. 

The Modlite OKW: The Best Tactical Light for Your Weapon!

This robust and lightweight tactical torch has been specifically designed for shoulder-fired weapons. It packs a formidable punch in a compact yet effective package thanks to its high-performance OKW-light head that’s mated to a mil-spec body and tail cap. 

The 680-lumen output can potentially blind an adversary, while its approximately 69,000 candela is higher than any comparable WML in its price and size range. The extreme throw will enable you to clearly identify your target up to 300 yards with the help of a Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO). 

The Modlite OKW WML package comes with its own 3500mAh battery along with the XTAR MC2 charger. (Please note this light doesn’t support Lithium CR123 cells, and using them can cause an explosion.) 

The OKW 18650 light package features drivers that can handle the recoil of the formidable 7.62×51 FN SCAR rifle even on full auto. The 6061 mil-spec hard anodized aluminum can take a beating and handle all kinds of environmental conditions including the extremes of cold, heat, and rain.

This light comes with the Ultra-clear BOROFLOAT lens, which ensures 99 percent light transmittance and is proudly made right here in the USA. The XTAR MC2 charger can rapidly charge your light for 75 minutes of approximate run time. When the chips are down and there is one light you have to count on, rest assured you can rely on your Modlite OKW to get the job done. Attach one on your home or field weapons and see why you won’t need any other WML—ever again!


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