A premium quality, robust, and sturdy tactical flashlight is an ideal tool when it comes to low-light sighting systems. You can also use your flashlight with your firearm as an aid to target identification at night. This way, you can aim your weapon even as your flashlight illuminates the target to eliminate any chance of an error.   

The Key Attributes of a High-Quality Flashlight

All Modlite flashlights have been designed from the ground up—keeping the professional in mind. Law enforcement personnel, armed forces, and security officers have to face sudden danger where it might be necessary to use their flashlight alongside a firearm. 

These top-quality flashlights are also the best accessories for your home defense weapon. In case of a home invasion, you have to be sure of the target because your friends and family might be around.  

You can also attach a dedicated weapon-mounted light (WML) on your bedside shotgun or handgun. However, you don’t always need to use your flashlight with your firearm. You can also use your Modlite on a standalone basis. They are the perfect accessories for your camping bag or bug-out kit. 

In a nutshell, Modlite flashlights are powerful torches that deliver blinding light at long distances—as and when required. These tough and rugged pieces of equipment can withstand the recoil of even 3-inch Magnum shotgun shells and can survive very harsh field conditions. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top models as per your requirements.

Modlite: PLHv2-18650 (Black)

The Modlite OKW is as reliable as it can get. It is rated to handle the recoil of the SCAR 17 on full auto. This dedicated WML can be easily mounted on a long arm such as a rifle or shotgun. It packs a massive 1350 lumens with around 54,000 candela. This great flashlight is equally at home mounted on a home defense weapon or even in the field. It comes with an ultra clear BOROFLOAT® lens that enables 99 percent light transmittance.

Modlite: PL350-PLHv2 

This is the pistol variant of the model 18650 and has the same candela and lumens (54,000 and 1350 respectively) as its rifle counterpart. It comes with “Out the front” (OTF) power cell changeability. This is a defining characteristic of this WML, one which enables you to change its batteries with fresh ones without using any tools or even removing the light from your weapon. It offers seamless compatibility with current and future Modlite tactical torch heads, so you can upgrade your light according to your specifications. The PL350 is also well supported by the holster industry, so you can carry your EDC weapon with your favorite holster without missing a beat.  

All Modlite tactical torches have been designed for specific roles. 

It doesn’t matter if you are using a rifle or pistol WML or even a handheld flashlight, you can rest assured that your Modlite will give you the light you need—when all other lights have failed! 


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