HESCO understands the critically important need for reliable armor plates for the brave people who go out in harm’s way every day. This is why they have created state-of-the-art personal protection equipment that is second to none. 

HESCO armor plates offer the best possible weight and performance ratio. They are light and flexible enough to be worn all day long without causing fatigue or discomfort. At the same, they are also strong enough to handle whatever threats the wearer may face on the battlefield and beyond. 

The HESCO 4800 series 

HESCO’s 4800 Series offers the ultimate in lightweight ballistic protection against a diverse range of threats. This series has been designed from the ground up to perform in highly volatile and very fast-moving environments, and offers the ideal combination when it comes to maneuverability and unmatched protection. The 4800 Series plates are the highest quality and lightest weight in their class. Each individual plate has been finished with a water-resistant coating and a highly durable wrap to deliver unsurpassed quality in both feel and performance.

The 4800 Series is manufactured with a cutting-edge next-generation composite fabric that has been developed by Honeywell’s top technicians. This series features lightweight Level IV plates designed with the very latest technology. They can protect the wearer against very high-powered rifle cartridges including 7.62×51 and even the formidable .30-06 armor-piercing (AP) round. 

A Whole Range of Tests 

  • Every HESCO 4800 series plate has to go through a battery of tests before it is deemed good enough to be worn by our brave men and women in uniform. 
  • Kinetic impact tests include ballistic, fragment, blast, and stab tests to ensure it can survive in the toughest battlefield conditions.
  • Operational durability such as vibration, drop impact, and shock tests 
  • Tests to see if it can survive temperature extremes and prolonged exposure to UV radiation 
  • These plates are also tested extensively for chemical, fluid, and fungus resistance
  • High altitude tests 
  • Buoyancy during water submersion 
  • Ergonomics and comfort
  • Detailed X-ray inspection

The HESCO 4800 series offers the kind of protection you need in the field. It has been extensively tested to ensure reliability and comfort so you won’t feel uncomfortable after prolonged use. At the same time, it offers the lifesaving capabilities for which the HESCO brand is justifiably famous. 


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