You need level IV protection if you plan on going into harm’s way. However, not all level IV plates are created equal. This is why you need HESCO’s 4400 series plates. They provide lifesaving protection that is both reliable and cost-effective. It is ideal for every warrior who responds to an active shooter scenario. 

In such a case, you have to be prepared for everything. Here your HESCO level IV plate will give you that critical advantage that you need to win through.  

It is finished with a very tough and durable Cordura nylon wrap. Not only is the 400 series level IV armor highly durable but also water-resistant as well. It is also resistant to wear and tear, not to mention abrasions due to daily wear.

Top-of-the-line Protection 

The HESCO 4400 Level IV Plate Armor can stop anything up to full power 30-06 armor-piercing rounds. You can rest assured that your HESCO 400 series armor plates provide the very best protection in their class, and are capable of defeating even heavy-duty armor-piercing ammunition. 

The 4400MC plate armor offers seamless compatibility with both BI 4100 as well as BI 4101 Level IV side fitting plates, to provide full-spectrum protection. 

Why Choose HESCO Armor?

HESCO knows and understands the critical importance of its protection equipment. This is why all Hesco products are subjected to extremely stringent tests conducted in world-class laboratories. 

All HESCO products are meant to serve in the gravest extreme and are made to the highest quality standards. It is for this very reason that Hesco’s ballistic armor plates have been used by our brave men and women in the armed forces for over two decades now. 

Your Hesco 4400 Level IV armor plates might be the difference between life and death. They will help you survive some of the most powerful AP rounds in the world. At 3.6kg, the 4400 plate is light enough to be worn all day long without hindering mobility in any way. 

Use the Hesco 4400 armor plate to defend yourself against those who wish you harm. After all, it’s your very life on the line!


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