HESCO’s cutting-edge 4800-800 body armor plates have been created for maximum protection in even the most fluid combat situations. All 4800 plates offer superior performance and enhanced protection compared to just about every other personal protection plate out there. 

They have been purpose-built to protect operatives in even the most heavily contested battle spaces. These plates offer an ideal combination between extensive protection and greater freedom of movement and maneuverability. 

All HESCO’s 4800 plates are precision-engineered from next-generation materials while utilizing the very latest in armor plate manufacturing technologies. This is why they are far lighter than other personal protection systems available today. At the same time, they also offer the highest possible protection in their class. 

Apart from that, every HESCO 800 series armor plate comes suitably well-equipped with a rugged, water-resistant coating wrap. This external coating effectively ensures your plates can survive long periods of immersion in water without compromising their protection capability or retaining water weight. The end result is unmatched performance in the field. 

The 800 Series: The Best Protection Plates Available Today!

The 800 series is made from Honeywell’s state-of-the-art next-gen composite fabric called SPECTRA. This material is the key to its revolutionary resilience. In fact, the material is pound-for-pound lighter than steel while being at least 15 times stronger as well. SPECTRA also reduces the net weight of the 800 series plates up to 40 percent—even as it helps maintain their excellent flexibility and strength.

Unmatched NIJ Level IV Protection

HESCO’s 4800 plate is a lightweight and reliable personal body armor plate system that offers the wearer unmatched NIJ Level IV protection. This means that they can help protect you against some of the most powerful and dangerous military rifle cartridges including the 7.62×51 NATO (.308 Winchester), 7.62×39 (AK47), 5.56 NATO green tips, 5.45×39, and even the powerful .30-06 armor-piercing (AP) round. 

The 4800-800 series is also fully compatible with its associated BI 4100 and BI 4101 Level IV (NIJ ) side plates. This is an unbeatable lightweight combination that offers overall protection against ballistic threats to the most vulnerable areas of the body. These plates are so light that you can wear all of them together without feeling tired because of excess weight or sacrificing your mobility. In fact, you will be able to move around in even the toughest battlefield conditions with near total ease. 

HESCO products hold the distinction of being used by our armed forces and have been instrumental in protecting our front-line personnel for over 20 years. 

HESCO’s personal protection plates undergo multiple tests before they are declared fit for service. These tests include drop tests, submersion tests, ballistic and kinetic force tests, along with tests for shock absorption, comfort, and ergonomics. 

All HESCO products are proudly made right here in the USA. Rest assured that you can always rely on your HESCO 4800 series to protect you whenever you go in harm’s way. 


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