Unlike many other body protection plates, the HESCO 3611C has been designed for the express purpose of working in a fluid and highly mobile environment. These lightweight yet effective plates are perfect for speed-based operations.  

They provide maximum mobility and comfort without being bulky and cumbersome while retaining their cutting-edge protective capabilities. All the plates in this series are light in weight but offer a very high level of performance that today’s soldiers can rely on when operating in contested battle spaces. They are perfect for mobile tactical teams responsible for conducting high-value, high-speed operations.

HESCO’s cutting-edge 3611C ballistic inserts are renowned for their effectiveness and reliability in some of the most dangerous battlefields on the planet. This is because they are manufactured keeping in mind the most stringent quality standards and are subjected to an extensive battery of rigorous tests before being shipped for delivery. HESCO stakes its reputation that these plates meet and even exceed all the requirements for level III ballistic plates. 

HESCO 3611C: The Light and Reliable Option

HESCO has created its state-of-the-art 3611C series for dangerous environments where personnel are armed and armored for extended lengths of time. That is why these plates are light and comfortable enough to be worn throughout the duty period. They are also considered ideal for long-range foot or vehicular patrols. In fact, these plates are so light you won’t even feel their presence while wearing them. 

At the same time, they are effective enough to handle a broad array of threats. They offer wide-ranging protection against modern military rounds such as AK-47 (7.62×39) projectiles along with AR-15 (5.56×45/.223) Remington projectiles.  

You can also pair them with BI 3110 Level III+ Side Plates to ensure comprehensive protection against various ballistic threats to the abdomen, torso, and other vital areas of the body. 

Key Features of the HESCO 3611C Plates 

  • Available in two common configurations: Military-style SAPI along with the Shooter (Law Enforcement Cut) 
  • Precision quality control
  • Advanced SPECTRA material
  • Water-resistant 
  • Designed for optimum comfort for long-term usage 
  • NIJ Level III+ protection 
  • Cordura polyurethane-coated fabric 
  • Very durable and reliable against multiple threats 
  • Standalone plates

HESCO Standalone Personal Protection Plates

HESCO’s personal protection products are justifiably renowned for their excellent quality. That’s precisely why they have been protecting our brave men and women in uniform for over twenty years. The US Army and other services have chosen HESCO body armor plates for a perfectly simple reason. When the chips are down, they work! In fact, they have been protecting precious lives for decades and have proved themselves in the heat of combat—time and again.HESCO’s engineers and technicians manufacture and test their armor plates at their Aberdeen facility in Washington, USA. If your life’s on the line, you can always depend on HESCO 3611C series plates to keep you safe!


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