HESCO’s 3810 personal armor plate system is part of HESCO’s flagship 800 series. It offers superior protection and performance. These plates have been designed for highly volatile and very fast-moving environments where both extensive protection and maneuverability are absolute necessities. 

The 3810 has been constructed from materials that are at the cutting-edge of personal armor plate technology. HESCO 800 Series armor plates are far lighter when compared to other plates. They also offer the highest level of protection in their class. The HESCO 3810 plate has been finished with a highly durable water-resistant coating wrap. Like all other 800 Series armor plates, it too delivers unsurpassed performance in the field. 

Why Choose HESCO’s 800 Series Armor Plates?

The 800 Series has been created for unrivaled protection that is better than any other personal armor plating system available today. It has been built of composite fabric called SPECTRA, which is estimated to be 15 times stronger than steel. At the same time, it is light enough to be worn on duty for extended periods in all kinds of weather. 

In fact, SPECTRA helps to reduce the overall weight of the plates by as much as 40%. At the same time, it also maintains its strength and flexibility. The HESCO 3810 plate can retain its structural integrity and absorb even powerful rifle rounds. 

It features highly advanced lightweight protection as well as special threat coverage. It will protect you against light armor-piercing (AP) rounds including the standard AK 47 7.62×39 round along with 5.56×45 M855 penetrating green tips.

The HESCO 3810 armor plating system can also be paired with the BI 3110. This is a Level III+ Side plate system that offers maximum protection to the vital areas of the body.  

Stand Alone Features of the HESCO 3810 Level III+ Plate

  • It has been built with next-gen SPECTRA technology and materials. 
  • Very comfortable for long-term use thanks to multi-curve designs.
  • Very lightweight: 3.9 lb./1.8kg. 
  • Available in both military-style SAPI as well as law enforcement Shooter-cut styles. 
  • Water-resistant Polyurethane coated highly durable Cordura fabric finish.
  • Made to exacting standards by HESCO’s highly experienced technicians and engineers.  

HESCO’s armor plates have been used by the military for the past two decades. They protect our brave men and women in uniform in some of the most hostile environments in the world. Rest assured, your HESCO 3810 personal armor plates could save your life where others might fail. 


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