Picking Body Armor: A Look at the HESCO 3810

The world is a very volatile place today. Threats can erupt anytime and almost anywhere. This is why threat assessment and prevention are of paramount importance for the modern warrior. 

Those of us who go in harm’s way have to be fully prepared for the consequences of engaging hostile elements – whose sole aim in life is to destroy us. This holds particularly true for the military as well as civilian law enforcement. 

Advances in weapons technology, not to mention the proliferation of high-velocity rifles, have made the modern battlefield more dangerous than ever before. From beat cops patrolling grimy back alleys to elite soldiers who form the tip of the spear in military operations. Our bravest warriors demand and deserve the very best protection gear available to save their lives.

In fact, SWAT teams, Special Forces, and even regular cops and soldiers need body armor. After all, their very lives are on the line, every time they put on their uniforms. 

The HESCO Brand: A Synonym for Absolute Reliability

HESCO is one of the most trusted makers of products designed to protect our brave military personnel in hostile environments all over the world. Their body armor has been used by the armed forces for frontline duty for more than 20 years. In fact, HESCO products have been created to not just fulfill, but also exceed some of the NIJ’s most rigorous standards.

Incidentally, the National Institute of Justice is the only nationally accepted standard when it comes to the body armor worn by police and other law enforcement agencies. 

HESCO’s Flagship 800 Series Body Armor  

This series has been designed to ensure maximum performance in constantly changing and volatile environments. These plates are ideal for situations that demand a lot of maneuverability as well as extensive protection.

The good people at HESCO have made the 3810 plates with cutting-edge technology to ensure the lightest weight without compromising on protection.

These plates are some of the highest quality armor plates in their class. They have also been equipped with a water-resistant coating. The final product is heavily tested before being wrapped in a durable finish for unsurpassed quality in terms of feel and performance.

All the products in the 800 Series have been made with a state-of-the-art composite fabric called SPECTRA. This revolutionary material is very light yet it is at least 15 times stronger than steel. Since it is around 40 percent lighter than a steel insert of the same size, it doesn’t tire the wearer easily. At the same time, it maintains its flexibility and strength throughout its service life.

Hesco 3810 Plates: Protecting You from the Very Worst Out There

The 3810 features the next-gen lightweight armor that is effective against light AP rounds including standard AK47 7.62×39 MSC rounds and NATO green tip 5.56×45 M855 ball ammo.

You can also pair your HESCO 3810 with HESCO BI 3110 Level III+ Side plates (with SAPI cuts). This will ensure maximum protection. It is also possible to elevate the side plates to cover the heart from side shots.


The HESCO 3810-800 series has been designed to save lives and in that capacity, it has few peers and hardly any superiors. Make sure you have your plates strapped on when you step into harm’s way!

Alex Riddle
Alex Riddle

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