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HESCO 4800LV – 800 Series Armor Lightweight Level 4 Plate Using Next Gen Materials and Technology (PAIR PRICING)


The HESCO 800 Series Plates, specifically the BI 4800LV model, are designed to provide maximum protection, maneuverability, and low visibility in fast-paced and unpredictable environments. They are made of next-generation materials, making them the lightest and highest quality plates in their class. They feature a durable, waterproof coating and have options for both Law enforcement and military style cuts. The plates are made with Spectra® materials and technology, have a multi-curve design for comfort, and undergo precise quality control.The 800 Series Multi Curve Torso Plate is a lightweight, special threat rated torso plate designed for stand alone use. It is made with next generation carbide and ceramic materials, providing full spectrum protection. It has a low visibility option but does not have front or back foam layers, so it does not meet NIJ 010.06 drop test and back face signature deformation requirements. It can be paired with rifle rated side plates, and has been tested and verified to meet or exceed the ballistic resistance specified under NIJ Standard-0101.06, as well as special threat validation. (PAIR PRICING)

HESCO 800 Series Plates:  BI 4800LV

The HESCO 4800LV and the flagship 800 SERIES are designed to perform in fast moving, highly volatile environments requiring the ultimate in protection, maneuverability, and low visibility.

Using next generation materials, 800 SERIES plates are the lightest weight, highest quality plates in their class.  Finished with a highly durable wrap and waterproof coating delivering unsurpassed quality in feel and performance.  Lightweight Level IV Plate using Next Generation Materials and Technology

Next Gen Spectra® Materials and Technology
Comfort Fitting Multi Curve Designs
Law Enforcement Style Shooter Cut and Military Style SAPI Cut
Highly Durable, Waterproof, Polyurethane Coated, Cordura® Nylon Wrap
Precision Quality Control

800 Series Multi Curve Torso Plate:

10x12x.67″  Torso Plates 4.7 lbs.

8x10x.67  Torso Plates 3.0 lbs.

Special Threat Rated
Stand Alone Design
Next Generation Carbide/Ceramic
Full Spectrum Protection
Low Visibility Option
Does not have front or back foam layers -Not meeting drop test or back face signature deformation requirements of NIJ 010.06

May be paired with Rifle Rated Side Plates Available: HESCO Rifle Rated Side Plates

Tested and verified to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard-0101.06 plus Special Threats validated.

Note: export regulations apply, sold only to verified purchasers.  Prices are for two plates.

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10.25×13.25 Large SAPI Cut, 10×12 Shooter Cut, 11×14 Extra Large SAPI Cut, 8.75×11.75 Small SAPI Cut, 8×10 Shooter Cut, 9.5×12.5 Medium SAPI Cut