Avon Vision Correction Assembly

The Avon Protection Vision Correction Assembly is a unique design that allows for prescription lenses to be fitted to a wide range of the Avon Protection 50 series masks.  Avon Protection have found that around 30% of users require some form of vision correction while using a respirator. The Avon Protection Vision Correction Assembly offers a fully integrated design specifically for spectacle wearers ranging from –10.00 to +8.00 Diopters in power.  The flexible design of the Vision Correction Assembly allows the assembly to easily fold inside the mask for installation and adjustments. In addition to this, the assembly design allows the lens height to be adjusted without need for any special tools.  For safety reasons in case of an extreme ballistic impact it is recommended that the Clear Outsert (70501/156) be worn with the 50 Series masks when wearing corrective lenses. If required Avon Protection can offer a lens fitting service.  Requires Eye Care Professional lenses and installation into the Assembly.


Power: –10.00 dioptres to +8.00 dioptres and astigmatic powers up to 2.50 dioptres

Minimum lens size: Based on the smallest lens size used for standard military corrective (prescription) lenses (46mm horizontal, 37mm vertical, and 50mm diagonal (superior nasal to inferior temporal).

Panascopic tilts: No greater than 15 degrees

Face form angles (measured at 64mm inter-pupillary distance): No greater than 20 degrees (10 degrees per lens)

Weight (excluding lenses): 8 grams

Vertical position adjustments: by ±10mm in order to suit the user


  • C50
  • PC50
  • FM50
  • HM50
  • FM53
  • FM54

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Weight .125 lbs