The Spiritus Systems Pistol Magazine Pouch was built to bridge the gap between hard plastic pouches and soft nylon pouches. It is constructed with an internal Tegris® spine that acts as a leaf spring, keeping constant tension on the magazine. When combined with the tacky Hank Kevlar lining, this pouch excels at keeping your mags in place without making it too difficult to draw or re-insert when needed.

The pouch comes with two hook and loop straps that enable the pouch to be mounted on a variety of belt widths, ranging from thin concealed carry belts, all the way up to 2” two-piece fighting belts. The top of the pouch has grommets to mount a bungee retention kit (sold separately here) if desired. Each pouch also comes with an elastic loop that can be installed over the pouch if additional retention is needed for single stack magazines, or after long periods of use. The pouch can also be mounted directly to any MOLLE interface, but requires the use of a MALICE clip, or other mounting device (not included).

The flared opening of the pouch and semi-structured geometry provides the ideal form factor for quick draws and re-insertion, while also maintaining unbeatable retention characteristics.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

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Black, Multicam, Ranger Green