The Mutant Pouch is a multi-purpose sustainment storage solution that can be mounted to any MOLLE surface with four columns. The Pouch is divided into two main compartments and is built with a mixture of Cordura and laminated Squadron Fabrics.

The main compartment features a top flap with double retention (hook and loop & Fastex Buckle Closure) and is designed to hold a high-capacity radio battery (like the BB-2590), 8x 5.56 STANAG magazines stacked parrallel to the body, 5.56 link, or any other similar sized items. The double closure gives the user multiple gear retention options and will reduce slop in the pouch.

The secondary compartment will securely hold a handheld radio unit via elastic retention loop and an adjustable shock cord retention lanyard. Radios like the Harris 152 and Persistent Systems MPU5 are compatible, as well as a whole range of other smaller handhelds like Baofeng and Motorola products. The retention lanyard can be adjusted for radio height, and is connected with a fastex buckle at the base so that the operator can easily remove the radio from the pouch, even with tall antennas.

This compartment will also hold 16oz water bottles and other accessories. The Mutant serves as the foundational pouch for the 34A Split Rig system, and when paired with a SPUD pouch on each panel, end users now have access to a full-featured sustainment chest rig platform that can accommodate a wide variety of weapon and radio systems.

The back side of the main compartment also features two MOLLE columns and lashing points for variety of other accessories. This area is great for outboard TQ retention, or mounting a Liberty Dynamic flashbang pouch.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

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Black, Multicam, Ranger Green