Explosive Breachers Bag: No-Tangle Nonel Bag (Patented)

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An Explosive Breacher’s dream
Never fight tangled and twisted Nonel (shock tube) again. The first combat breaching bag specifically designed to keep Nonel line from tangling during operations, this bag could make the difference between life and death.
Key features:
Main compartment for Nonel, with a separator flap and drawstring. Your Nonel stays neatly coiled until it’s time to deploy.
  • Top chamber holds blasting caps and det-cord loop; Nonel feeds into this chamber.
  • Firing end of the Nonel exits through a hole in the bottom of the bag and feeds into an outside pocket customizes especially for the dual igniters for the firing system.
  • Cord feeds smoothly and continuously.
  • Tested in real-world combat operations during the global war on terrorism

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