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Why carry a tourniquet?

Mark S

Why carry a tourniquet?

Most people reading this have within their arm’s reach, some type of weapon that can cause injury or death; specifically, firearms and knives. I do know most objects are weapons, and if wielded properly, will cause injury, but let’s stick with getting shot or stabbed.

Blood coming out is bad, arterial bleeding is very bad. This type of injury requires immediate intervention, with direct pressure and/or a tourniquet for extremities. Intervention should be made within the shortest possible time frame, with the patient being treated by a medical professional at the earliest possible moment. Intervention should be made within 1-2 minutes, or earlier.

Speed is critical. A hasty tourniquet can be fabricated by any number of items, but this takes time. The faster the bleeding is controlled, the more options we have for dealing with treatment complications, or other issues. Generally, the faster the bleeding can be stopped, the better.

There are several tourniquets on the market, CAT, SOF-T, RATS, etc. Get familiar with them, seek training, and have them readily available.

Liability note: seek professional training, know your limitations.

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