Nov 2nd 2016

Some sling notes:

The slings have been a constant work in progress and are really a balancing act of materials, function, comfort, and intuitive use; especially use under pressure. Some things I consider and how I …

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Aug 18th 2016

Sling Adjustment

Quick note on sling adjustments using our slider device. Trace webbing between thumb and forefinger past the adjustment device, to then grasp the device. Then pull towards to tighten and pull aw …

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May 31st 2016

"Why a SIERRATAC Sling?"

We've been asked, "Why a SIERRATAC Sling?"Here are a few thoughts regarding our slings.Super lightweight feel: padded and soft on the neck.Adjustment device: does away with straps and hanging cords, m …

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Dec 19th 2015

Why carry a tourniquet?

Why carry a tourniquet?Most people reading this have within their arm’s reach, some type of weapon that can cause injury or death; specifically, firearms and knives. I do know most objects are wea …

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